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About Me:

Among my MANY other projects I've also always been into herbs. Using them to make i.e. Infusions/Oils/Sublingual Oils etc.... I also have always liked herbal teas, I do normally prefer to make my own mixes/blends. I always have loads of herbs in stock and I'm always researching other ways to make full use of them.
I created this site to sell (to those who can come to me - as I struggle mobility wise etc..) herbal blends/infusions/sublingual oils etc.... Also to teach others who are interested in "Nature's Pharmacy" a few ways to incorporate herbs into your daily life and to enjoy making remedies yourself.
I'm also into DIY Oracle Deck Readings:
If you'd like I also make my own Oracle Deck type cards. I have one, which upon request I would use on your behalf, Herbs 4 You deck. I'd do a FREE reading to see what results are. With this deck reading it'll result in 3 herbs that you need to take (in some form) for optimal health.

Some of these herbs may be in my supply, so if you can get to me (I'm based in Rushden, Northants - email me to get my address - then I can sell you an appropriate blend.
My fee is £5 per bag, at least 120g.  With this amount you can get many cups of herbal tea, you can grind some up for other uses etc....

Herbal Blend Uses:

Other Uses For Herbs:

Herb Blend Uses
1) Herbal Chocolates:
Melt some Butter.
Keep it melted, add in the Herbal Blend.
Stir until the colour of the Butter has changed to what you want.  Then strain out the herbs.
In a seperate container melt some 'Easy Melt' type Chocolate.
Add a little of the infused Butter in with the melted Chocolate & stir thouroughly.
Place in a Silicone Mould & place in the fridge to set.
2) Currently I'm experimenting with making herbal based nasal snuff:
Using dried herbs, infuser teapot, coffee grinder, compressed towel & flavouring drops.
Place your dried herbs/spices in the base of the teapot.
Place a few drops of your flavouring on the compressed wipe.
In the infuser section place the compressed wipe, flavour side down towards herbs.
Leave for 48 hours.
Then just finely grind up in i.e. a coffee grinder the herbs/spices.
Then use nasal snuff as normal, by just sniffing, NOT snorting.
Herbs can be used in MANY ways:
Herbal blends are NOT just for tea. You have MANY various ways these can be used. The pic on the left shows the main, other, uses for herbal blends.


Ways to use Herbs:

Lotions/Balms/Oils Etc..:

This section covers basics about how to incorporate herbs into i.e. making balms/lotions/infused oils etc...:

How To Make:
For Lotions - Infuse your desired herbs into some kindv'e oil i.e. Coconut MCT Oil. Shake daily. After about 2-4 weeks, strain. You'll be adding some of that oil into some melted Shea Butter & Wax (i.e. Beeswax/Paraffin Wax). Then, I use a battery powered Milk Whisk to get it all mixed up and blended well. When it's started to cool/thicken, put into your lotion pot. It'll continue to thicken up a bit more over the next few hours.

For Balms - Melt some Wax, add in a little of the infused oil. Optional - add a few drops of a fragrance/Essential oil. Pour into your balm pots and allow to solidify.

For Oils - They're a few different ways to do this. You can just, in a jar, mostly fill jar with herb(s). Fill with an oil and just wait for 4-6 weeks.
You can have jar in either a dark or light area depending on if you want it 'empowered', if you like by the Sun's energy. If stored in a dark area than that 'empowers' it with night/Moon energies.
You can fill your jars with herb(s) and oil and place in a slow cooker, add just a small amount of water in the ceramic pot. Keep it on the 'Warm' setting for 3-8 hours.
You can also just put the herb(s) (not in jars) and oil directly into the slow cooker and leave on 'Warm' for 3-8 hours.
Then, whichever method you decide on, you'd strain the infusion into an appropriate container/jar. These strained oils can then be used as a cooking/baking/sublingual oil etc... Sublingual oil is where you put a few drops under your tongue.

You can of course simply use blends as a herbal tea.

Useful Weeds:

My main, preferred plants:

Known by MANY as pesky garden weeds, the 2 plants (Dandelion & Plantian) are actually hugely beneficial. So please stop trying to eliminate them from your gardens/yards.  Instead make full use of them.
Keep these weeds:


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If you'd like to enquire about anything 'Herbalism' based, just email me. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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